About Us


Arising from Lost Dreams

The pandemic was rough on all of us. So many dreams, plans, and bucket lists were put on hold indefinitely. Nobody knew when we’d get to live life normally again. In this time of global distress, I wanted to find a way to bring hope to people’s lives again. The hope that one day we will go out and see the world. That's what CarryMeSoftly aims to do by keeping the love of travel alive.

A symbol of hope

When my trip to Paris got canceled during the pandemic, as someone who quit their job to travel the world, the wanderer in me was devastated. So, I created a souvenir from Paris for myself as a reminder that one day, I will visit and will have the time of my life.

Thus, I came up with CarryMeSoftly (a play on the song killing me softly), because all we could do is carry our dreams softly in our minds and hearts.

So many people resonated with the idea. They loved my “Greetings from Paris” sweatshirt and wanted ones with their dream destinations printed on them. People were excited by the thought of having a souvenir from the city they couldn’t visit under the circumstances. When war terrorized the country of Ukraine, people also loved wearing the “Greetings from Kyiv” sweatshirt, both as a reminder of their homeland that they so longed to go back to and as a sign of solidarity.

Happy ending, or rather, a happy beginning!

Fast forward to August 2022, I finally got to visit Paris and I wore my “Greetings from Paris” sweatshirt. So many people from the CarryMeSoftly family also finally got the chance to visit their dream destinations and posted pictures with their souvenir sweatshirts too! Now it’s time to make new bucket lists and check them off one by one.

If your passion for travel and exploration led you to us, you’re gonna love it here. Loved by travel lovers, wanderers, and those who want to show off their respect for different cultures, our sweatshirts are more than just clothing—they're full of dreams, memories, and wanderlust!