Why You Need to Add a Graphic Sweatshirt to Your Wardrobe

Why You Need to Add a Graphic Sweatshirt to Your Wardrobe

Sweatshirts are a nice and comfy addition to any wardrobe. They’re loose, cozy, and incredibly stylish, especially if you have one with a cool graphic on it. And with fall right around the corner, they’re a great fit for mildly cold season. 

So if you’re looking to make some new additions to your wardrobe, why not start by getting a cool graphic sweatshirt.

Why you should get a Graphic Sweatshirt

A fun graphic sweatshirt can be a great way of starting this winter season. Let’s look at all the reasons why you should get a graphic sweatshirt in your wardrobe.


Easily the best thing about the graphic sweatshirts is that they’re incredibly comfortable. They’re usually made from comfy and breathable materials like cotton, so you can wear them anywhere you want. They’re always a comfortable fit too, so it’s a lot more flowy and is generally easier to be in.

So whether you’re looking to run some errands or you’re headed to a party, a good sweatshirt doesn’t just look good, it also feels good to wear.

Artisan Design

While plain sweatshirts never tend to look bad, they do tend to look fairly bland. Sure it can look good, especially if you pair it with some nice sweatpants, they don’t necessarily say anything about you. But if you wore one with a fun graphic on it, well now you have a really fun way of expressing a part of yourself.

The graphic could be a scene from your favorite movie, a character from a TV show you like, or a patter that an artist designed. And if you want these sweatshirts to represent you better, you should really consider what kind of graphic you have. For example, a graphic sweatshirt with the "Greetings from Rome" is fun, well designed, and quirky.

The Right Balance between Loose and Fitting

One of the best things about a sweatshirt is that it’s the perfect balance between a loose and fitted shirt. It’s not too baggy that you feel like you’re wearing something twice your size, and it’s not too fitted that you feel the shirt is part of your skin. 

But if you personally like something that’s a lot baggier and looser, you could get a sweatshirt that’s a size bigger than what you usually wear. It’ll keep you nice and cozy and you even get to rock that extra baggy look.

How to Style Your Graphic Sweatshirt

There’s never a “correct way” way of styling your sweatshirt, so you can really start expressing yourself in fun ways. Other than choosing a graphic sweatshirt of your choice, you can choose from a range of hats, bottoms, shoes, and accessories, to really help yourself stand out. In fact, here are a few ways that you can style your sweatshirt.

Layer Your Sweatshirt

A graphic sweatshirt is a good top to wear if you want to stay warm and cozy during fall and early winter. But, it might not be enough on colder days, so you need to layer it with something warmer.

When layering, try contrasting colors, or something that blends well with the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a button-up under your graphic sweatshirt, choose a color that will really make it stand out. You can also wear a t-shirt and let the hem flow out from the bottom for a more retro look.

Plain blazers and bomber jackets are also great layering options. While a blazer will give you the perfect smart-casual look, a bomber jacket adds a street-style vibe to your outfit.

Pick the Right Bottoms

Perhaps the best thing about sweatshirts is that they're versatile and look good with almost everything.

However, the bottom you wear largely contributes to the look and vibe of your outfit. So, picking the most appropriate pants is essential to styling a graphic sweatshirt.

If you want to wear something fun while lounging on the couch throw on some sweatpants, but if you’re looking to go out on a brunch date or casual evening you can pair it with some chinos or jeans. Distressed shorts are also a great daytime look, whereas leather pants or ripped jeans make great choices for casual night-outs.

Pair your graphic sweatshirt with biker shorts and run your daily errands in comfort and style. Last but not least, you can also transform your oversized graphic sweatshirt into a dress by using a belt and pairing it with black tights.

Bottom Line

Graphic sweatshirts are comfortable and warm while having plenty of style. And depending on the type of sweatshirt you’re wearing, and what you pair it with, you can really express yourself.

Cute and artsy, graphic sweatshirts allow you to get creative with your outfit. You can layer it with other jackets or shirts, or wear some fun bottoms to make your outfit stand out.

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