5 Surprising Tote Bag Essentials that You Need to Carry

Lately, there has been a lot of momentum surrounding tote bags. They’re a favorite among fashionistas as well as eco-conscious buyers.

Tote bags are becoming a fashion staple as they're environmentally friendly, versatile, and fashionable at the same time. They’re perfect for carrying around a variety of items. As for durability, you can even carry weighted items in a tote bag, unlike in regular purses.

They’re unique and have multiple benefits, which explains why everyone’s carrying one these days. You can spot a tote bag at work, down the street, in the gym, and even at the beach. Do you ever wonder what people carry in their tote bags?

If you still haven’t jumped on the tote bag bandwagon but are looking to make the switch soon, here’s a list of essentials you need to carry.

1: Regular Bag Essentials

It is not necessarily wise to carry two bags when you can just carry one. It’s why many people carry a tote bag instead of their usual purse.

First, you should transfer your purse essentials to your tote bag. Usually, these may include your mobile phone, keys, and wallet. Other people can't leave the house without lip balm, lotion, etc. You may also like to carry makeup for touch-ups and other items like toiletries. Needless to say, carry items that you think you will need on the go.

Tote bags are pretty roomy inside, making it easy for small items like your keys or lip balm to get lost. If you’re worried about smaller items getting lost in your tote, get a bag with an interior pocket.

2: Zipper Pouch

As already mentioned, tote bags are simple bags without extra pockets and separate compartments. But, the benefits they offer are usually worth it for most people.

After all, tote bags are quite different from other options. That being said, you need a solution, such as a zipper pouch, to carry all your smaller essentials.

You can add your sanitizer, lip balm, lotion, tampons, and other items to this pouch. Zipper pouches make it difficult to find items when you need them. If you think you have more items that can get lost, don't hesitate to use a zipper pouch.

3: Water and Snacks

The best thing about tote bags is that you can carry a lot more things than you could in your purse. And sometimes, you can also put in things that purses don't allow.

Yes, we're talking about snacks and water. Usually, users end up carrying their water bottles separately, so their hands are full despite carrying a handbag. Of course, some purses don't have enough space for water and snacks, while others come with the risk of spillage. If your bottle leaks while in your purse, you risk ruining it.

Tote bags are the perfect solution if you can't do without a water bottle and some snacks. They're spacious, and you can simply wash and reuse them in case of an accident.

4: Notebooks and Stationery

Notebooks are a common sight on campus, with many students carrying them in a tote bag. Tote bags are a stylish and great replacement for regular school bags.

Their dimensions make it easy to carry notebooks, pens, and other stationery. Whether you’re going to class or work, a tote makes it easy to carry papers and other such items. Similarly, if you’re going to work, you can easily pack all your work files and carry them in your bag.

In addition, you can keep a pen and notebook as well. It will come in handy when you need to jot down information such as an address, book recommendation, or other notes.

5: Book/ Headphones

It’s likely that you have to wait long waiting periods every now and then- maybe at a job interview or the dentist's office.

Sitting around in the waiting room can get boring, especially if you don’t have an appointment for at least twenty minutes. Don't want to read the clinic's old newspapers and magazines?

In that case, carry something to help you pass the time. If you enjoy music, keep your headphones as well. Similarly, you can carry along the book you’re currently reading if you want to catch up with the story.

Bottom Line

Tote bags are usually available in various sizes, from small and medium to more extensive options. No matter the style, they have plenty of space, and you can add a lot more things than you could in a purse.

Besides your regular bag essentials, you can carry zipper pouches, notebooks, stationery, snacks, a water bottle, headphones, and books. Tote bags are also incredibly versatile and look chic with all outfits.

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